When in the Charlevoix Region, be sure to plan a few leisurely day trips with the kids.  It’s always better to enjoy stops that all members of the family will enjoy.


Suggested Stops

  • Alpagas Charlevoix, 364, rang Saint-Godefroy (route 362), Les Éboulements (Québec), Canada    www.alpagascharlevoix.com;
  • Charlevoix Maritime Museum / Musée Maritime de Charlevoix, 305, rue de l’Église, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive (Québec), Canada     www.museemaritime.com;
  • Les Santons de Charlevoix, 303, rue de l’Église, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive (Québec), Canada www.santonsdecharlevoix.com
  • Papeterie Saint-Gilles, museum of the fine art of  304, rue Félix-Antoine-Savard, Saint-Joseph-de-la-rive, (Québec), Canada  www.papeteriesaintgilles.com
  • Village Miniature, 25 Chemin de Cap-aux-Oies, Les Éboulements, (Québec), Canada  (418) 635-2695
  • Cap-Aux-Oies beach,  Chemin de Cap-aux-Oies, Les Éboulements (Québec), Canada



AlpagaAn alpaca (Vicugna Pacos) is a domesticated species from the South American Camelidae family; they resemble a small lama in appearance.  At Alpagas Charlevoix, you will be able to witness within minutes that the alpaca is a gregarious animal which lives in herds. The herds are overseen by a very special type of livestock herding dog – the Maremma Sheepdog.  The kids will love to watch both of them in interaction, the sheepdogs and the Alpcas. Check out the shop, to see all the beautiful garments made from local alpaca harvested in from farms in the region.


Charlevoix Maritime Museum

museemaritimeRecognized since its inception for its maritime traditions, the village of Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, Quebec near Les Éboulements is admired for its scenic mountains, the inspiring views of the St. Lawrence River and its rich history tied to the era of wooden schooners.

The Charlevoix Maritime Museum is located on the site of the former shipyard in Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive and describes, through its buildings and its exposure, the rich maritime history of the Charlevoix region and mainly the time of wooden schooners who since the 19th century served to transport timber and goods between the towns located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River.

The Charlevoix Maritime Museum has become, over the years, a cultural and tourist destination reflecting the rich maritime history of Quebec. The Charlevoix Maritime Museum offers families and visitors, rain or shine, an exceptional historical site, bordered by the river, the offers all sea-faring explorers to chance to experience many aspects of maritime life.  Our kids loved exploring the three boats outside. The museum has over 30 years of existence and is open to the public during the summer season from mid-May to mid-October.


Les Santons de Charlevoix

SantonsThe kids will love to see all the individually hand made figurines, animated within traditional scenes for all eyes to explore. The figurines are approximately 9 cm tall, and are very detailed. The on-site Les Santons de Charlevoix workshop makes a variety of characters depicting characters from tales and legends, the nativity, and rural agriculture. You won’t be able to resist buying some miniature houses or figurines for your Christmas Village at home, or for under your Christmas tree next year.


Papeterie Saint-Gilles

You can enjoy watching craftsmen at work and discover how paper has been made for centuries.  Explore the art gallery and boutique of paper specialties.   If you call in advance, your group can arrange to a fun experience designing and creating your own specialty paper in the workshop.

How to make old fashion paper, Papeterie Saint-Gilles


Finish your day with a visit to the miniature village and then have some fun playing and relaxing at the beach.  You can even plan a nice picnic on the beach and look at the great view of the St. Lawrence River while the kids play in the sand and collect small treasures to bring back home.

A potential second day trip is to take the ferry and explore Isle-Aux-Coudres, where you can rent bicycles for the family and leisurely cycle all around this island rich with culture and culinary products.  Take some pictures and share it with us!


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