When traveling eastward hugging the north shore of the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City, the town of Baie Saint-Paul is not only considered a destination in itself, but the gateway to explore the Charlevoix region of Quebec, CANADA. Baie Saint-Paul is a picturesque town over 350 years old with a rich history of tradition and culture. Over the years, it has been established as cultural destination and microcosm that reflects the rich diversity of offerings of Charlevoix.


Do you consider yourself a “Foodie”? Baie Saint-Paul awaits your palate…

Baie Saint-Paul is a hub of artistic and culinary talent. The menus in the many bistros and restaurants boast local organic products, and beverages from local micro-breweries. A recommended dining experience sure to not disappoint can be found on the renowned table d’hôte menu at the restaurant Le Mouton Noir, with your host chef Thierry Ferré.


Le Massif de Charlevoix, Le Germain Hotel- Immerse yourself in their “Unique Experience!”

Le Germain hotel, used to be called hotel La Ferme is not just an hotel with a standard restaurant, it is a gathering place that has been recently created in the vision of Mr. Daniel Gauthier, and executed by his Le Massif Team. Chef David Forbes has prepared diverse menus for all types of visitors at Cuisine du Marché and the gourmet restaurant Les Labours. The hotel provides patrons with the experience to dine with their chefs, due to the welcoming open-concept kitchen in the centre of the room where dishes are prepared before you. Again, the culinary feast emphasizes the riches of the Charlevoix seasonal harvests of fresh vegetables, seafood, fish and meats that offer variability of culinary statements based on the Chef’s fancy. The ambiance, presentation and gourmet transformation of the local produce always has my daughter saying, “Mmmm, it is Soooooooo Good!”.
Don’t Miss Hotel La Ferme’s Seasonal Farmer’s Market (from mid-May to mid-October)

Le Massif de Charlevoix’s Train – “All Aboard…”
Embark on an unforgettable excursion, a day-trip on Le Massif de Charlevoix’s Train, and admire the scenery while hugging the St. Lawrence River. You can book tickets to experience panoramic views of the region’s inspiring landscapes. Of particular popularity is this experience during the fall season, where a breath-taking of autumn colours dominate the mountains, cutting the wonder between the sea and the sky.


Baie St-Paul Art Galleries – Showcasing the Unique “Quebec Landscape” Style of Painting

A “must do” is a short, memorable stroll down rue St-Jean Baptiste, my “Main Street Baie Saint-Paul”, to visit the numerous art galleries and artisan boutiques that dominate the heart of the town. You can enjoy the outdoor sculpture museum that extends the length of the street, celebrating famous Quebec artists. Lastly, be sure to visit the Contemporary Art Museum of Baie Saint-Paul, to admire all the genres of art in all its purity (www.macbsp.com).
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