Chalet in Quebec

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Chalets in Quebec

A brief history of chalets in Quebec

Historically, chalets in Quebec referred to any type of building or house in the rural, mountain regions of the province.

One of the most famous chalets in Quebec is the Fairmont Le Château Montebello. A hotel and resort complex on the shore of the Ottawa River, in Montebello, Quebec. In the late 1920s, Harold M. Saddlemire, a Swiss-American entrepreneur, acquired a site along the Ottawa River. On land that formerly formed part of the seigneurial system of New France.  The hotel is situated on one of the last surviving land grants made by 17th-century French kings to early settlers of what was then La Nouvelle-France.

Despite the economic uncertainty after the 1929 stock market crash, work on the planned wilderness retreat began as planned in early 1930, with construction and woodworking teams working in overlapping shifts around the clock. An army of 3500 laborers ensured that the project reached completion in only four months. 

The grand opening was held on July 1, 1930.  Le Château Montebello is a Canadian landmark, one of the chalets in Quebec most acclaimed for its architecture and architectural details. The red cedar log-château has a six-sided stone fireplace centerpiece, designed as a hexagonal rotunda, which soars 66 ft to the roof.

Vacation Rental in Quebec


Over the years the term chalets in Quebec transformed to its modern general meaning of vacation houses built in an alpine style with wood and a heavy, gently sloping roof with wide, well-supported eaves set at right angles to the front of the house.

Today, chalets in Quebec refer to any vacation dwelling, especially near a mountain or lake, whether or not it is built in the style of a chalet.

The robust travel, eco-tourism and leisure business has allowed the four season vacation chalets in Quebec to flourish.  Rental chalets in Quebec have become some of the most preferred vacation weekend houses. For ski and hiking enthusiasts alike, as the marketplace offers travelers tremendous choice no matter the vacation destination.

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