Chalet Charlevoix Quebec is situated in this quaint municipality that offers many interesting attractions.

In winter, the most popular attraction is Le Massif de Charlevoix, where outstanding skiing and tobogganing on a 7.5 km course can be found.  Le Massif receives on average 650 cm of natural snow every year and has the highest vertical drop east of the Canadian Rockies.

Petite-Rivière-Saint-Francois in Winter

In summer, enjoy the beach, the park and water games for children. Visit the Maillard Chapel, or take the breathtaking Le Massif Train which travels along the edge of the St. Lawrence River.

Train Massif de Charlevoix, Petite-Riviere-Saint-Francois
Gabrielle-Roy Trail

Hike the Gabrielle-Roy Trail and admire the magnificent views from the top of the mountain. Access to the Gabrielle Roy East Trailhead is just 5 minutes from the chalet, on rue de la Martine East (simply turn right on rue du Hameau, when leaving the chalet).

In the spring, enjoy maple syrup delights and traditional fares offered at the Chez André sugar shack. It is located in the heart of the village, perched on a mountainside, and offers a great view of the river. They are open until late April, and until the end of the season.

Maple Sirup Farm Chez Andre

For more information on all that is available in the village, you can visit the municipal website at

Click on the link to see all the attractions located in Petite-Riviere-Saint-Francois and for the Gabrielle-Roy Trail

Map Gabrielle-Roy Trail

Winter Activities in Charlevoix

Winter Activities Near Chalet Charlevoix Quebec

Downhill Skiing

Ski Le Massif (10 km)

Ski at Le Massif de Charlevoix
Sledding at Le Massif
Dog Sledding Chenil du Sportif
Snowmobile Charlevoix

Maple Sugar Shacks

La Cabane André Tremblay
1090 rue Principale, Petite-Rivière-St-François (5 km)
(418) 632-5272 (end of March to Mid-May)


Sentier des Caps

Trail Maps  –  Gabrielle-Roy East  (3 km)

Summer Activities in Charlevoix

Summer Activities Near Chalet Charlevoix Quebec

The Town of Baie Saint-Paul (10 min)


Baie Saint-Paul is picturesque town over 350 years old with a rich history of tradition and culture. It is the hub of artistic and culinary talent in the Charlevoix region. The menus in many bistros and restaurants boast local products, including organics.

Numerous art galleries and artisan boutiques dominate rue St-Jean Baptiste, making for a memorable stroll. You can enjoy the outdoor sculpture museum the length of the street, celebrating famous Quebec artists.

Be sure to take in concerts at Le Massif Hotel La Ferme or book your tickets to experience panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River aboard the popular Le Massif train.

Scenic Route 362

Ten minutes east of the chalet, after passing through the town of Baie St-Paul, taking Route 362 East towards La Malbaie is a must do.  Route 362 is noted as being one of the most scenic routes in North America by the book 1000 Things to See in the World.  

Traveling this route in both directions offers many panoramic viewpoints of the majestic St-Lawrence River the surrounding rolling hills of the Charlevoix Region.

On The Road in Charlevoix

The Town of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré and its World Renowned Basilica

Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré is approximately 30 minutes west of the chalet, and as you get nearer and nearer, you will not be able to miss Mont Ste-Anne, an excellent ski that dominates the backdrop of the town.  In the centre of the town, the Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica is an inspiring grandiose sanctuary where pilgrims from around the world visit for spiritual enlightenment.  This Roman Catholic landmark is recommended as one of the 200 sites to visit in the world.

Virtual Tour of the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre

Closeby is the sensational and exciting Canyon Ste-Anne.  A hiking trail with suspension bridges allows you to traverse the canyon at 3 different spots, where you can find your preferred view of the 74 metre waterfall.

The Beaches

  • Petite-Rivière-St-François (5 km) – Rue du Quai, access at Parc des Riverains
  • St-Irénée (50 km) –  Off Route 362 (chemin des Bains)
  • Cap-Aux-Oies,  Les Éboulements (40 km) – Chemin de Cap-aux-Oies

Baie St-Paul Golf

The Art Galleries

Other Popular Activities

  1. Whale Watching, St-Siméon (95 km)
  2. Casino de Charlevoix, La Malbaie  (70km)
  3. Contemporary Art Museum, Baie St-Paul  (10 km)
  4. Public Farmers Market at Hôtel Le Germain, Baie St-Paul (8 km)

For Active Outdoor Nature Enthusiasts

Charlevoix is one of the most picturesque regions to experience the beauty of the Quebec mountain landscape.  Numerous accessible hiking trails exist within the magnificent nearby National Parks, where you can also do some climbing, via ferrata, canoeing, kayaking, etc…

National Park Les Grands Jardins
Acropole des Draveurs

Recreational Trails of MRC de Charlevoix

Sentier des Caps (the Summit du Massif)

Close to the chalet (less that 3 km away), you can access the hiking trail Gabrielle-Roy East from Chemin de la Martine or at the intersection of route 138 and rue Principale of Petite-Riviere-St-Francois.  Below is a link to the trail map:

Gabrielle-Roy East

The National Parks

Parc De La Chute Montmorency  (Québec – 76 km)

Parc National des Grands Jardins  (Saint-Urbain – 67 km)

Parc Des Hautes-Gorges-De-La-Rivière-Malbaie  (Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs – 144 km)

Quebec City

Quebec City, Jewel of World Heritage

A historic, charming and dynamic capital with diverse attractions.

In 1985 Unesco included Quebec city’s historic old town on the list of world heritage sites. The city is known for its location on the Saint Lawrence River as well as its historic Old Quebec which features fortified city walls.

Quebec city is also known for its European feel mixed with a french north American architecture. The Winter Carnival is one of the most popular in Canada which has ice sculptures, ice castle, music, and much more for a unique experience.

Quebec city top destination

Top 22 Historic Sites to Visit

  1. Place Georges V  –  805, avenue Wilfrid-Laurier Est
  2. Assemblée Nationale du Québec  –  1045, rue des Parlementaires  –
  3. Fontaine de Tourny  –  Face à l’assemblée Nationale
  4. La Citadelle de Québec  –  1, Côte de la Citadelle  –
  5. Porte Saint-Louis – Entrée du Parc de L’Esplanade et de la Citadelle
  6. Le Musée des Ursulines  –  12, rue Donnacona  –
  7. Cathédrale Anglicane Holy Trinity 31, rue des jardins   –
  8. Rue du Trésor  –  Tout près de la Place d’Armes
  9. Place d’Armes   –  Face au Château Frontenac
  10. Le Château Frontenac  –  1, rue des Carrières  –
  11. Terrasse Dufferin  –  Près du Château Frontenac
  12. Musée du Fort  –  10, rue Sainte-Anne  –
  13. Séminaire de Québec  –  1, rue des Ramparts  –
  14. Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Québec  –
  15. Musée de L’Amérique Française – 2, côte de la Fabrique  –
  16. Pub Saint-Alexandre  –  1087, rue Saint-Jean  –
  17. Site Patrimonial du Parc de-l’Artillerie  –  2, rue d’Auteuil   –
  18. Porte Saint-Jean  –  Près de la Place d’Youville
  19. Place D’Youville
  20. Place Royale 
  21. Maison Chevalier  –  50, rue Marché-Champlain  –
  22. Maison Louis-Joliette  –  16, rue Petit-Champlain  –

For a unique and personalized experience in and around Quebec City, book a private guide with Tours by Locals :

Le Massif De Charlevoix

Book your next dream Le Massif de Charlevoix vacation with us!

Le Massif de Charlevoix is a ski mountain located in Petite-Rivière-Saint François, Charlevoix, Québec, CANADA, a 70 km (44 mile) drive east Quebec City and 10 km from Chalet Charlevoix Quebec. Overlooking the St. Lawrence river, it has the highest vertical (2,645ft) east of the Canadian Rockies.

Le Massif de Charlevoix

Apart from a big vertical drop and lots of snow, 650 cm of natural snow, Le Massif de Charlevoix is unique in that the area is accessible both from the top and from the base. The skiing season usually lasts from early December to late April. There are three peaks, two of which are currently developed.

Le Massif has 53 total runs, supported by a high-speed gondola and 3 detachable quads, which provides an overall lift capacity of 11,200 skiers per hour. In 2013, Le Massif achieved many accolades and become an increasingly sought out destination. Le Massif was named Best of Skiing in Canada.

Also, Le Massif was the Grand Prize winner of the Canadian Tourism Innovator of the Year category. The New York Times ranked Le Massif 36th out of 46 places to visit around the globe. Lastly, the National Geographic has chosen Le Massif as part of their 2014 Best Winter Destinations.

Since 2005, Jean-Luc Brassard, the 1994 Olympic Champion in freestyle mogul skiing, became a spokesman for Le Massif. Jean-Luc is regularly spotted cordially engaging skiers at Le Massif on the snow conditions and best trails of the day.

In addition to skiing, Le Massif has a unique attraction – a toboggan run of 7.5 km long on Mount Liguori. This is sure to be a breathtaking experience and a memorable activity for family and friends.

Sledding at Le Massif

Le Massif de Charlevoix gets a lot of snow, and keeps it, as the region gets little rain for an eastern North American ski area. The natural snowpack can exceed eight feet at the summit during a typical winter. However, since the base is at sea level, it can lose its snow quickly during the spring thaw.

The year 2001 started a tide of significant change for Massif de Charlevoix. A new road was built from Quebec Route 138 to the top of the mountain, making the distance between Quebec City and the summit of le Massif summit just 70 km (44 miles).

In 2002, Daniel Gauthier, co-founder of le Cirque du Soleil, bought Le Massif. Under Mr. Gauthier’s leadership, le Massif is undertaking a major development known as Territoire Le Massif. In 2009, Massif added 26 acres of off-trail skiing on Mount A. Liguori.

Le Massif Vision 2020

There are also plans to open up the third peak to skiing, and transform the mountain and surrounding area into a distinctive four seasons resort, while respecting environmental values.

In September 2011, a new tourist train service from Quebec City to La Malbaie began operation, making a stop in the winter at Le Massif. Le Train travels between mountains and seashore, along 140 km of breathtaking riverside scenery of the St. Lawrence River. The recent opening of Hotel La Ferme has brought a new hotel, services and activities to Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec.

Train of Charlevoix

Direction From Chalet Charlevoix Quebec the Base Parking Lot

View Larger Map

Activities in Charlevoix

Chalet Charlevoix Quebec Regional Activities

Book Your Next Dream Le Massif Vacation With Us!

Chalet Charlevoix Quebec is centrally located in the village of Petite-Rivière-St-François, just 10 km east of Le Massif de Charlevoix ski resort and 50 km east of Mont Sainte-Anne ski resort.

Just 10 minutes east is the internationally renowned artisan town of picturesque Baie-St-Paul and the Casino Charlevoix is also close by, just 70 km east in La Malbaie.

Baie-Saint-Paul, Charlevoix

Town of Baie-Saint-Paul a ready showcase for regional artistic or culinary talent. Menus in restaurants feature local products but it’s the art galleries that stand out along the main street.

You can also enjoy an outside museum of famous Quebec artists sculptures. Enjoy concerts at Hotel La Ferme or try the scenic train ride on the shore of the St-Laurence River between Baie-Saint-Paul and Quebec city.

Hiking Park Hautes-Gorges

Go hike the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie, the scene is incredible, it’s among the highest rock faces East of the Rockies. Sign-up for whale watching at Saint-Simeon, 25 minutes from La Malbaie or rent a bicycle for a ride around the bucolic Coudres Island.

Tourism Websites

Sledding – Le Massif de Charlevoix Style!


Typically, when spending a day or a week at an alpine winter resort, there are plenty of offerings for avid downhill skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers and snowshoers alike. 

Over the years, traditional ski trails have been complemented by glade trails, and some challenging “hors-piste” terrain for experts.  Some resorts and their partners offer cat-skiing and helicopter skiing tours, where enthusiasts can experience some memorable runs that are truly one-of-a-kind!

But what about sledding? Sledding, sledging, or tobogganing is a worldwide winter activity, generally carried out in a seated position on a sled (English language), a sledge (Old English), or a toboggan.

Most will agree that sledding is one of the most wonderful winter activities that many of us first experienced when we were children, usually with our parents overseeing that the safety boundaries are not pushed to the limits.

From an access perspective, alpine resorts do not allow sledding on the trails of the actual mountain.  Some resorts have created small tubing hills, which can be a lot of fun for both the young and old.  But at times, tubing can seem like an activity that is a short-lived rush, where gravity simply pulls you down the hill in a somewhat helpless fashion, other than any spinning you set yourself up for at launch.  In other words, it lacks skill and control.

Le Massif de Charlevoix’s sled run is a unique attraction in North America that offers friends, families (minimum age is 10) and groups a chance to discover the Mountain from an entirely different angle. Imagine a 7.5 km (4.7 miles) sled run that winds down Mont Liguori on a groomed natural snow-covered trail that is just for sledding, with tight turns, speed and awesome scenery that lasts about 2 hours.

Your day begins by checking-in 30 minutes before the start of the activity at the Le Massif de Charlevoix summit, behind the Snow School.  You will be greeted by friendly certified guides, who will provide you with your own “authentic runner sled”, that is made of wood and varnished webbing. 

After an introductory session that demonstrates how to properly sit, turn and brake while on your sled, you can take some time to practice your control on the nearby bunny hill. 

Learning how to shift your weight to make your turns while in complete control is achieved by the end of the 3rd practice run, which eases any anxiety about what you have gotten yourself into.

After the practice runs, it is now time to load all the groups’ sleds in the snowcat.  What an incredible sight to see how the driver packs up to 50 sleds into the front compartment of the snowcat, before everyone is seated in 1 of the 2 passenger compartments. What an amazing machine! 

Then, the entire group is transported from the summit to the trailhead of Mont Liguori.  Looking around at the members of the group, everyone is warm in the snowcat bundled up in their warm boots and winter outerwear.  

Their googles/sunglasses are perched onto their helmets (which are mandatory).  There is frost on the windows.  There is a sense the anticipation in the air; everyone is excited to launch their sledding run, and attack the mountain!

Within minutes, you are sledding – really fast!  Everyone is well spaced in order to avoid any collisions, and the guides are barrelling down the track with us.  The feeling is exhilirating!  It likely compares to what a rally race car driver feels, speeding down a winding track with warning signs for upcoming turns.  Trees are wizzing by on either side. 

The turns are banked, and can be safely navigated with appropriate braking and turning technique.  The run seems to go on forever…
After about 4 km (2.5 miles), you begin to slow down and eventually stop at a flat portion of the run. 

After a short walk with your sled, you make it to the mid-way chalet for a well deserved rest.  Hot chicken broth and hot chocolate is served to warm-up.  Mmmm.  There is a buzz in the air.  Everyone is recounting and sharing their experience.  Everyone is smiling and feeling like children again.

After the break, another 2 km of pure fun follows before another stop to cross a bridge over a mountain stream.  What beautiful scenery!   Afterwards, it is the home stretch of the run to the base of Le Massif de Charlevoix.   At the base, you get the unique experience of loading up the gondola with your sled, and not skis or a snowboard, for the ride to the summit.

Sadly, it is now time to return the sled to the activity centre.   Sledding – Le Massif de Charlevoix style is a must do during your next winter adventure in the beautiful Charlevoix region of Quebec.
Reservations required.  Dates of operation are the end of December to mid-April (conditions permitting).

For more information click here for
Le Massif website

Experience Fun Day Trips with your Children in Les Éboulements, Charlevoix

When in the Charlevoix Region, be sure to plan a few leisurely day trips with the kids.  It’s always better to enjoy stops that all members of the family will enjoy.


Suggested Stops

  • Alpagas Charlevoix, 364, rang Saint-Godefroy (route 362), Les Éboulements (Québec), Canada;
  • Charlevoix Maritime Museum / Musée Maritime de Charlevoix, 305, rue de l’Église, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive (Québec), Canada;
  • Les Santons de Charlevoix, 303, rue de l’Église, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive (Québec), Canada
  • Papeterie Saint-Gilles, museum of the fine art of  304, rue Félix-Antoine-Savard, Saint-Joseph-de-la-rive, (Québec), Canada
  • Village Miniature, 25 Chemin de Cap-aux-Oies, Les Éboulements, (Québec), Canada  (418) 635-2695
  • Cap-Aux-Oies beach,  Chemin de Cap-aux-Oies, Les Éboulements (Québec), Canada



AlpagaAn alpaca (Vicugna Pacos) is a domesticated species from the South American Camelidae family; they resemble a small lama in appearance.  At Alpagas Charlevoix, you will be able to witness within minutes that the alpaca is a gregarious animal which lives in herds. The herds are overseen by a very special type of livestock herding dog – the Maremma Sheepdog.  The kids will love to watch both of them in interaction, the sheepdogs and the Alpcas. Check out the shop, to see all the beautiful garments made from local alpaca harvested in from farms in the region.


Charlevoix Maritime Museum

museemaritimeRecognized since its inception for its maritime traditions, the village of Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, Quebec near Les Éboulements is admired for its scenic mountains, the inspiring views of the St. Lawrence River and its rich history tied to the era of wooden schooners.

The Charlevoix Maritime Museum is located on the site of the former shipyard in Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive and describes, through its buildings and its exposure, the rich maritime history of the Charlevoix region and mainly the time of wooden schooners who since the 19th century served to transport timber and goods between the towns located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River.

The Charlevoix Maritime Museum has become, over the years, a cultural and tourist destination reflecting the rich maritime history of Quebec. The Charlevoix Maritime Museum offers families and visitors, rain or shine, an exceptional historical site, bordered by the river, the offers all sea-faring explorers to chance to experience many aspects of maritime life.  Our kids loved exploring the three boats outside. The museum has over 30 years of existence and is open to the public during the summer season from mid-May to mid-October.


Les Santons de Charlevoix

SantonsThe kids will love to see all the individually hand made figurines, animated within traditional scenes for all eyes to explore. The figurines are approximately 9 cm tall, and are very detailed. The on-site Les Santons de Charlevoix workshop makes a variety of characters depicting characters from tales and legends, the nativity, and rural agriculture. You won’t be able to resist buying some miniature houses or figurines for your Christmas Village at home, or for under your Christmas tree next year.


Papeterie Saint-Gilles

You can enjoy watching craftsmen at work and discover how paper has been made for centuries.  Explore the art gallery and boutique of paper specialties.   If you call in advance, your group can arrange to a fun experience designing and creating your own specialty paper in the workshop.

How to make old fashion paper, Papeterie Saint-Gilles


Finish your day with a visit to the miniature village and then have some fun playing and relaxing at the beach.  You can even plan a nice picnic on the beach and look at the great view of the St. Lawrence River while the kids play in the sand and collect small treasures to bring back home.

A potential second day trip is to take the ferry and explore Isle-Aux-Coudres, where you can rent bicycles for the family and leisurely cycle all around this island rich with culture and culinary products.  Take some pictures and share it with us!

Top 15 Charlevoix Preferred Activities of Chalet Charlevoix Quebec

  • Ski the trail La Fénomène at Massif de Charlevoix and admire the spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River. Then go on an sledding adventure in the Mount Liguori section of the mountain, and remember the thrill of gliding like when you were 10 years old.
  • Walk or snowshoe the Gabrielle-Roy trail, just 5 minutes from the cottage, a  perfect opportunity to get some exercise in the morning while enjoying the beautiful landscape.
  • Hike the challenging trail L’acropole du Draveur at Parc des Hautes Gorges and admire the spectacular view at the summit. At dusk, take a boating excursion on the river with a guided tour by the park warden.
  • Explore the art galleries of Baie St-Paul by taking a nice walk in the streets of the town. Be sure to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art to admire all the genres of art in all its purity.

Tour Île-aux-Coudres on bicycle. Make sure you stop at Pedneault Orchards for a tasting of their famous ice cider.  Finish the day with an evening of culture at the Weeping Rock theatre.

  • Book a whale watching cruise in search of the most majestic mammals of the St. Lawrence River.
  • Snap away while on a photo safari with Adventure Zoom and take your best shots of the vistas provided by the Charlevoix landscape.
  • Stroll on the beach of Petite-Rivière-St-François at sunset and admire the beautiful colors reflected on the river.

Dine and enjoy local produce on the table d’hôte menu at the restaurant Le Mouton Noir, with your host chef Thierry Ferré.

Embark on an unforgettable excursion, a day-trip on the Train of Le Massif de Charlevoix, and admire the scenery while hugging the St. Lawrence River.

Enjoy pulling traditional maple taffy at a local maple syrup sugar shack in the village of Petite-Rivière-St-François with Mr. Tremblay. Admire an amazing view to the river.

Rent snowmobiles for the day and explore Charlevoix from a different vantage point. The region is extremely popular with snowmobile enthusiasts.

Skate with the children on the outdoor rink in the village of Petite-Rivière-St-François, and get some nice fresh air.

Discover the public market at Hotel La Ferme and procure local products to enjoy at the chalet.

Bring the kids for a visit to the Alpaca farm in Les Éboulements, via Route 362. Route 362 is one of the most scenic drives in North America.

Alpaca farm_St-Irenee, Charlevoix

Exploring Charlevoix: Experience the Eclectic 350 year old Town of Baie Saint-Paul, QC, CANADA

When traveling eastward hugging the north shore of the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City, the town of Baie Saint-Paul is not only considered a destination in itself, but the gateway to explore the Charlevoix region of Quebec, CANADA. Baie Saint-Paul is a picturesque town over 350 years old with a rich history of tradition and culture. Over the years, it has been established as cultural destination and microcosm that reflects the rich diversity of offerings of Charlevoix.


Do you consider yourself a “Foodie”? Baie Saint-Paul awaits your palate…

Baie Saint-Paul is a hub of artistic and culinary talent. The menus in the many bistros and restaurants boast local organic products, and beverages from local micro-breweries. A recommended dining experience sure to not disappoint can be found on the renowned table d’hôte menu at the restaurant Le Mouton Noir, with your host chef Thierry Ferré.


Le Massif de Charlevoix, Le Germain Hotel- Immerse yourself in their “Unique Experience!”

Le Germain hotel, used to be called hotel La Ferme is not just an hotel with a standard restaurant, it is a gathering place that has been recently created in the vision of Mr. Daniel Gauthier, and executed by his Le Massif Team. Chef David Forbes has prepared diverse menus for all types of visitors at Cuisine du Marché and the gourmet restaurant Les Labours. The hotel provides patrons with the experience to dine with their chefs, due to the welcoming open-concept kitchen in the centre of the room where dishes are prepared before you. Again, the culinary feast emphasizes the riches of the Charlevoix seasonal harvests of fresh vegetables, seafood, fish and meats that offer variability of culinary statements based on the Chef’s fancy. The ambiance, presentation and gourmet transformation of the local produce always has my daughter saying, “Mmmm, it is Soooooooo Good!”.
Don’t Miss Hotel La Ferme’s Seasonal Farmer’s Market (from mid-May to mid-October)

Le Massif de Charlevoix’s Train – “All Aboard…”
Embark on an unforgettable excursion, a day-trip on Le Massif de Charlevoix’s Train, and admire the scenery while hugging the St. Lawrence River. You can book tickets to experience panoramic views of the region’s inspiring landscapes. Of particular popularity is this experience during the fall season, where a breath-taking of autumn colours dominate the mountains, cutting the wonder between the sea and the sky.


Baie St-Paul Art Galleries – Showcasing the Unique “Quebec Landscape” Style of Painting

A “must do” is a short, memorable stroll down rue St-Jean Baptiste, my “Main Street Baie Saint-Paul”, to visit the numerous art galleries and artisan boutiques that dominate the heart of the town. You can enjoy the outdoor sculpture museum that extends the length of the street, celebrating famous Quebec artists. Lastly, be sure to visit the Contemporary Art Museum of Baie Saint-Paul, to admire all the genres of art in all its purity (
For more information on Baie Saint-Paul, we recommend the following sites and it’s new app free on